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Simple Credit Card Processing is Here.

  • Cash-Discounting
  • POS Systems
  • Mobile Payments
  • Terminals
  • E-Commerce
  • Churches and Non-profits

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Rates as low as $0.05/swipe + interchange.


Use Your Own Devices

If compatible there is no need to purchase a new device – simply use your own or upgrade to a new Clover device.


Our Purpose

PaymentProConnect’s purpose is to make your business run the way it should. There are no hidden fees and no funny charges. You'll wonder why you didn't switch to us a long time ago.

Cash Discounting

Learn how to make a sale fair to both your cash paying customers and your credit card paying customers. With Cash Discounting not only is the sale fair for your customers, but the sale is fair for you as the merchant. You don’t have to pay for credit card processing anymore.

POS Systems

With a Point of Sale System (POS) you can benefit from sales tracking reports, inventory management, employee time clock reporting,


Cash Discounting and even marketing tools all in a system that works for wherever you are and the type of business you do.  From desktop stations to wireless and mobile POS stations, we have you covered.   

Mobile Payments

Always on the go?  Take a Bluetooth enabled EMV chip reader with you and, paired with your smartphone, take credit cards as a form of payment anywhere! Also works with Cash Discounting.


We have the desktop terminal you need for your brick-and-mortar business. From very basic, inexpensive machines to free machine options we have the machine that will work for you.  Also works with Cash Discounting.


Whether you have an existing online retail store or you need to get one set up, we can help! Using BigCommerce we can help you create and develop an online selling platform that not only lets you sell through your website but also Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and more! If you already have an e-commerce site but are sick of paying high credit card processing rates, we can definitely help there too. We will provide you with the ability to take cards and do it through a secure payment network that protects you and your customers.

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When accepting donations for your church or non-profit you don’t have to give up a portion of the collected donation to pay credit card processing fees. Learn about NO COST credit card processing for your non-profit or church.

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